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Mangie Perez 12/13/2015
Great place for birthday parties...The kids have lots of fun while the adults relax!!! The staff is excellent. They do everything for you. The manager is great as well, he is friendly and accommodating. I've had 3 birthdays in a row here. That's how much my kids love this place!!!

Jessie Zamudio. 12/04/2015
Really fun place to go to. 20 years old and I couldn't stay away from the games and trampoline.

Bernard Beno Brnada. 12/04/2015
Great place to bring kids or come with friends. Lots of fun and great food.

Alex Mendez . 12/04/2015
It's a fun place for children to have fun for a couple of hours. Very good environment and prizes you can win.

Rich Morris. 11/21/2015
Having a blast at Off the Wall trampoline center. Just met Steve Chusid here who keeps this place running at a high standard! Great guy, great place! Our kids are having an absolute blast.

Jeannelle Fatta. 11/14/2015
I bring my kids and their friends here a lot ... Kids love it and they go home exhausted!! What more can a mother ask for?? Steve the Manager is really personable and a huge help esp when you are with a bunch of kids and need to organize pizza drinks etc
Great service!!

Suzanne Leitner-Peterseil 11/11/2015
This place was awesome for my twins 8th birthdays! Steve did a great job coordinating all the games and food. Ashley and Ryan really great with kids of all ages! They were fun and patient. If you go here for a party definitely get the package for laser tag it was a highlight of the party! All the food was good! Staff made us feel special and made sure birthday girls had a blast! When my Sophia lost her tooth during the party Ashley knew just what to to! This place is fun!

Edoardo Eugene. 09/21/2015
I came here last Saturday with my family and friends and I was happy with the exceptional service I received, Homley made sure are food orders came out, checked on us and made sure everything was ok, I'm coming back again next week

Robin Honigstock Kroos. 09/07/2015
I have to say that the professionalism and excellent customer care here at Off The Wall was truly off the charts. The staff was alert and available when my son scraped his knee and more than willing to help get him back jumping as soon as possible. We came here with 9 kids aged 6-14 both boys and girls and they all had so much fun they only came to talk to us when they were hungry. There really is something for everyone here (including wifi for working parents!) Having 4 kids of my own, I no longer have to panic if it's raining, there is no school and we have seen all the latest movies!

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Michelle D. 12/05/2015
The best. As a mother with a 4 year old son, I love coming to Off the wall. We both jump! It's so much fun. Laser tag, trampoline dodge ball, basketball on trampolines- it's a kids dream come true. The arcade games are the newest/best etc. They are also very expensive!!! Playing one of the most fun Jurassic Park games cost $10 for 4 rounds which lasted only about 5 minutes. I know there are days of the week with pricing specials, and probably other incentives- so go with those if you can because it's not cheap. Still, I don't mind paying because it's absolutely worth it. Compared to Boomers or anywhere similar this place is newer, cleaner, better. Most staff are very young (seemingly high school students) so they are high energy and friendly. The staff also monitors every area to make sure rules are enforced which is great for making sure everyone is having fun.

I'm all around impressed and grateful for this fun trampoline center!!

In response to some other reviews I read-

Yes, the grip socks are $2. I can't believe people are complaining about spending $2 on socks that have significant grip and are completely necessary. Plus, they're yours to keep and use next time.

The fact that there are complaints about the "refs" enforcing rules is surprising. With dozens of people jumping on trampolines, I'm so glad that there is someone to supervise and prevent a 300 pound man from doing a back flip on a 2 year old (for example:))! Without these refs, there would probably be chaos.

Heather H. 12/04/2015
What a super place! Took a group of university soccer players, great activities, super food, great price, and even better service! They took such great care of our group! We had an awesome time!

Nikki H. 09/21/2015
I went over the weekend with my kids and I was impressed with the staff and how clean it was.. And the prices were great. And yes we will return!!

Kimberly D. 09/08/2015
Fun place to let your kids spend their energy!

Off the Wall is located at the far end of the plaza, with plenty of parking. Check Groupon for deals before you go, or just buy directly from their website. You'll save time and money buying ahead of your visit. You can also fill out the safety waiver online too, which also saves you time. You are required to wear the rubber-soled socks if you plan on jumping. You can buy them there or bring your own.

There is a lot of trampoline space that can accompany a lot of people. I went on a Tuesday night, so it wasn't very busy. You cannot bring cell phones while jumping on the trampolines, but you can stand on the side and record if you want to get that action shot.

An employee is required to be present in order to use an attraction, either the trampolines, the green blob thing, or the rock wall. The employee really does watch you while you're on the attraction, which is good because they can and will stop any kind of inappropriate or dangerous behavior (he stopped us to say we couldn't have cell phones on the trampolines). It's nice to see that kind of watchfulness over the play area.

I'm not sure how often they clean the trampolines but that's what I'll take a star off for. There were a few areas that smelled gross, and I could see some wet spots on the trampoline surface. It's a little off putting for adults, but that's just where kids play. They do have several hand sanitizer dispensers set up all around the building.

There is a cafe where you can eat basic fare foods like pizza and hot dogs. They also serve alcohol for adults. It's not fine dining, but it provides good snacks and cold drinks.

There are lots of video games that require money put on a digital play card. There is a $1 charge for a new play card. You can earn tickets to redeem for prizes.

Off the Wall is open late, even on weekdays. It's a fun place to go, especially if you have kids with endless energy.

FitTrainer S. 07/25/2015
We had such a great time here!! I can't wait to go back and try the rock wall! (I can't due to an injury) my 3 year old had a BLAST as well as my 30 year old friends! I loved that the staff was energetic and knowledgeable! They were great with all of us! We did the 2 hour jump time and 20 dollar card! The 3 year old walked away with some great prizes and passed out before we even left the parking lot! I plan to go back for a birthday party or fitness event! THANK YOU for giving us something to do on a rainy day! :)

Luke S. 02/08/2015
Well, I am a return customer. It's kind of addictive.

The jumping is challenging, exhausting and exhilarating. It takes some practice. My children (4 and 7) love it, too, and they are always completely spent after we're done. They love the slushies. No jumping session without a slushie!

Arcade games are so so, but the children, again, love it.

We hosted a birthday party here, too, and the staff was very attentive with the children. Played dodgeball, basketball etc.

You will be sore the next day.

For those who are more sedate, there are plenty of TVs showing sports. And beer.

Naomi B. 01/11/2015
This was our second time visiting OTW and I didn't think it was possible to like this place anymore than before but WOW WOW WOW.

We have two 11Year olds and three 7 year olds. One of our children has autism and the staff was so helpful and understanding was really amazing. The manager Steve was showing us great tricks and you could tell he really loved his job.

The staff was extremely attentive and constantly advising which is wonderful since there are so much children. Everyone was safe considering how many children are there and how quick they are moving.

We had a BLAST!!! Such a fantastic place with a helpful staff.