Rock Wall

Customer safety is our main concern. The Rules and Regulations are designed to provide a safe and enjoyable environment for everyone.
Trampoline Rules
To minimize the chance of dangerous situations especially for inexperienced Jumpers Off The Wall has clearly posted trampoline court rules at the entrance to each court. These rules and patrons are to be followed at all times, and are enforced through our Court Referres in a firm and consistent manner.
  2. Jump at your own risk and within your ability.
  3. Be aware of other jumpers.
  4. All jumpers are required to sign a waiver before entering the jumping area.
  5. NO rough-housing, wrestling, racing, tackling, shoving, playing tag, etc.
  6. NO double bouncing.
  7. NO double flips.
  8. NO sitting anywhere on the trampoline court or pads.
  9. NO climbing on wall pads.
  10. NO belt buckles, studs on clothing, or loose objects in pockets (keys, cell phone, money).
  11. NO throwing footballs or any other objects on court.
  12. NO touching or leaning on nets.
  13. NO gum, food or drink on court or platform.
  14. NO wearing shoes on court of any kind
  15. You cannot jump with a cast
  16. NO ONE allowed on court without a signed waiver and appropriate wristband.
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The Rock Wall provides South Floridians access to the sport of rock climbing in a quality facility with a fun atmosphere for climbers of all ages and abilities. We strive to provide a safe, welcoming, and encouraging environment where you can connect with other climbers, develop friendships, and improve your climbing skills.

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All participants must complete and sign an Off The Wall Trampoline Fun Center liability waiver in advance. All participants under the age of 18 must have an Off The Wall Trampoline Fun Center liability waiver completed and signed by a parent or guardian. Non-slip socks are required to participate on all jump attractions.
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